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Our world is cluttered with media that inundates us with constant choices and demands for our attention. With an average attention span of just over 8 seconds, engaging consumers is difficult.

That’s why it’s not enough to create a marketing campaign that’s high-tech and high-touch. You’ve got to reach your target audience with a personalized “right touch” at the “right time” to meet each potential customer where they are, across media channels.

How does AIM achieve that? We design and execute personalized, fully-integrated, multi-channel campaigns that reach each member of your target audience, and engage them to provide important information that helps you meet their needs. It’s not just direct mail; it’s not just email — it’s so much more.

AIM campaigns revolve around personalization and integration to produce more viable, valuable leads; and our real-time reporting allows you to immediately nurture those leads, convert them, and create relationships.

AIM Communications is a full-service integrated marketing company with expertise in all aspects of digital, print, and traditional marketing. As your integrated marketing partner, our focus is on meeting your challenges with solutions that enhance your return on investment and exceed your goals.

our strategy... what we do & why

More than high-tech & high-touch, AIM offers a personalized integrated marketing approach that delivers the right-touch to the right people at the right time, over multiple media channels. The results are more viable leads, higher conversion rates, engaged customers, and new and expanded relationships.

Media clutters our world, so when you’re considering your next marketing campaign it’s no longer a simple choice between digital and print. Media consumption is changing, with less than 9 seconds of attention from consumers on average, you have to connect immediately. That’s why an integrated marketing approach with personalized experiences, across multiple media channels, is crucial to your success. That’s where AIM comes in.

AIM fully integrated marketing campaigns do much more than combine direct mail and email; print and digital strategies. Our campaigns focus on personalized, interactive experiences for each member of your target audience. These personal experiences increase response rates, engage potential and current customers at a deeper level, and collect valuable information from prospects that allows you to respond to their needs immediately, all while heightening brand awareness. Practical campaign reports and analytics provide insight and details that make future campaigns even more targeted and relevant.

With real-time response notifications through AIM campaigns, you have the opportunity to respond and nurture each lead with personalized information immediately; leading to higher conversion rates, and stronger customer relationships.

As your marketing partner, we put our strategy and expertise to work for your business. AIM focuses on your challenges, opportunities, and goals to create fully integrated personalized marketing campaigns that maximize your return on investment and provide solutions.

our expertise... how we do it

AIM knows the keys to maximizing your return on investment are integration and personalization.

AIM expertise allows you to orchestrate print, digital, and social media, and more, in a personalized, integrated, multi-channel campaign. Personalization enhances the benefits of each media channel and enables you to reach your target audience with a high-tech, high-touch approach, that also provides the right touch at the right time.

As your full-service integrated marketing partner, the AIM team of professionals is your team. AIM designers, copywriters, marketers, IT specialists, and production and logistic experts offer experience and insight to collaborate with you to create and execute successful integrated campaigns.

the aim team can do it all:

  • listen to you; to collaborate with you
  • identify your target audience, including existing and potential customers
  • craft your message to engage your prospects and gather the information you want and need
  • determine challenges and opportunities
  • establish goals
  • design each component of your personalized integrated campaign
  • provide practical reports, analytics, and follow-up for added value and enhanced ROI
  • handle all logistics and production through our partner companies, AELitho, LLC & Pemcor, LLC

AIM campaigns go beyond traditional print and digital media plans to create personalized contacts for each member of your target audience that engages and leads them to an individualized digital experience. This interactive experience is just the beginning of meaningful dialogue with responders. The valuable information gathered provides insight into reaching each lead and identifies their specific interests and needs. Our real-time campaign notifications allow you the opportunity to respond immediately and begin building new relationships, or expanding existing ones. AIM campaigns include comprehensive and practical reporting options that give you true marketing campaign results, including detailed lead information, response details, and rates. You’ll be able to see the increased number of viable leads, the enhanced opportunity for higher conversion rates, the valuable information gathered, and maximized return on investment.

solutions... what it means for you

strengthened insight

AIM campaigns provide deeper insight into the needs and wants of your target audience, current customers and new. Our personal approach to integrated marketing enables us to gather more responses from your target audience. More responses to your specific questions provides valuable data that begins a dialogue which helps you understand and meet the needs of your customers.

higher conversion rates

Combine an increased response rate with valuable data gathered, and the result is more viable, quality leads. Real-time tracking and reporting are hallmarks of AIM integrated marketing campaigns. Detailed and timely notification information gives you the opportunity to nurture those qualified leads immediately, which is a great first step in building relationships. Meet your prospects where they are and prove that you understand what they want and need - that’s how a prospect becomes a customer.

heightened brand recognition

AIM highlights your brand identity and message consistently throughout multiple channels to share it with each target audience member. This consistency builds awareness and understanding; when customers and prospects see your brand logo, they recognize your message and identity. That increased awareness fosters loyalty and relationships.

enhanced roi

When your marketing program works better, revenue is increased...it’s as simple as that. AIM integrated marketing programs work better and include real-time, detailed tracking and reporting information that provides insight into campaign performance all along the way. Proven results enhance your return on investment. A better return on your investment helps your bottom line. Your success is AIM’s success.

marketing campaigns that work

AIM multi-channel personalized integrated marketing campaigns:

  • engage and educate your target audience while showcasing your company
  • begin and expand dialogue with prospects and current customers
  • help you build and nurture customer relationships
  • turn new customers into repeat customers and expand business with current customers
  • generate quality, viable leads
  • enable immediate and relevant response to, and nurturing of, those quality leads


AIM integrated campaigns are designed to meet your challenges, make the most of your opportunities, and provide real solutions. AIM's team of professionals do it all. All your marketing needs are met with one relationship, and that keeps communication, planning, execution, and analysis clear and convenient. With AIM as your marketing partner, there is no need to go anywhere else.

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